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Digitization over the last decade has turned people from across all walks of life to take this internet path. Now most of the communication, records, games, books, education etc are done online only with the help of modern gadgets that are widespread in use all over the world. Communication between the two source is one of the leading benefits if these modern methods. 

Chatting and messaging over long distance is pretty much common these days. With young and old generation both now addicted with latest modern equipment which are now part of their daily attire. Aahachat has special services for those who likes to converse in their preferred language like Malayalam, Tamil etc. In India, Malayalam is one of the largely spoken languages in the state of the Kerala. 

Malayalam is one of the 22 official languages in the Indian country with designated status as the classical language in India. There are around 40 million people in southern Indian states over Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka who speak converse and chat in this highly respected ancient language.

Why Aahachat Malayalam chat rooms for next generation?

Aahachat room modules are built on modern platform with mobile application as an added advantage with youngsters using them in their smartphone directly. Filled with a lot of native users preferably these Malayalam chat rooms are the ones for keeping in touch with your loved ones. Aahachat chat modules are easy to use, tailored made for new generation and provides amazing user experience that influences them to use these free services furthermore. 

Whether you are living or studying abroad our services are within your reach with just availability of internet and smart devices which are in daily use now. We also offer video calls services which make Aahachat as one of the premium online chat providers in the market. Quite popular among the Malayalam speaking people who love to engage in these social activities of making group and communicating activities among them.

One of the foremost benefits of using Aahachat rooms is its safe and protected environment in these turbulent times. Our Safety rules strictly prohibit any all the malicious and abusive online user activity. We adhere to all special guidance to make sure that every activity goes through these marked procedures with proficient results every time. We have special private chat options too where one can easily exchange the personal information among new friends easily. 

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Monday, 19 September 2016

Regional Chat Rooms Around The Kerala

Known for its versatile natural beauty and peaceful people Kerala is also foremost in leading the educated population. People are understanding and readily have accepted modern internet based technology. These new gadgets have served Humans in versatile way by providing comfort and ease in completing many activities, in which communication stands as one the leading benefits benefitting millions of people over the world.

On these internets platform chat rooms are provided to exchange information with real-time information. This form of communication is quick and can deliver the message to the conveyor right away. There are students go abroad to study at foreign universities and gain higher education so they need a medium to communicate with their friends & relatives. These chat rooms are perfectly suited to match their requirements perfectly.

More-ever there are thousands of internet crazy users online who use these rooms for meeting new crazy people and make friends online. Using this social media sites, Internet has connected millions of people across worldwide. This next generation accepted this mode of communication which further fuelled services like Messenger, live Video and now craze of mobile apps is known worldwide. Almost every smartphone user has one chat app in his mobile app to be in contact with their faraway friends and family.

Kerala Chat Online Rooms

These online rooms are available 24×7 for meeting new and interesting people. But traditional people prefer conversing with their native ones. Moreover they like to chat within their language too. These specially designed communication rooms have in-built functionality to accept this mother tongue i.e. Malayalam. Users love to make group among themselves so one message is reached to all people at once. These chat rooms also act as the online platform where friends poke each other and deliver messages that matter.

These Kerala Chat rooms are easily accessible without any registration with Guest login. Using guest features you can easily with other members present in the chat rooms. Private conversation with your personal friend is available to registered members only which is done through email registration. Aahachat has some exclusive Kerala chat rooms that offer its services to all its users across this incredible God’s Own Country state i.e. Kerala.
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Monday, 12 September 2016

Malaysian Tamil Chat Room
Join Live Tamil Chat Rooms, Connecting Malaysian Tamil Peoples around all over the world. Tamil Chatting website to meet new peoples and Indian singles in Webcam and Video Tamil Chat Rooms. Peoples can interact with Tamil boys and girls in our live Tamil chat rooms. So that user can find a best life partner for their real life.

Meet new friends from Malaysia who speaks Tamil and English also join our chat rooms. Little India Chat and TamilaChat are the other chat rooms available on the internet. Peoples can feel the real world of enjoyment and fun in our Tamil chat room. With our Tamil Chat Rooms peoples can chat using webcam and video and the Mic or Audio to sing songs.

Peoples from other countries like USA, UAE, Canada, Singapore, India also can Join our chat website. You need a high speed internet connection and flash player to access our chat rooms without any interruption. Join now and feel the real world of enjoyment in our Tamil Chat Room. No need to pay any money and no need of registration to join in chat rooms.

Who can join our webcam video chat?

If you are from Malaysia or Singapore, India or Sri lanka, United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom or United States, Australia or Qatar, France or Switzerland, Finland or Canada, Chennai or Mumbai, Hyderabad or Bangalore, Kolkata or Delhi & NCR around different urban communities, you might discover many individuals in your general vicinity and a huge number of individuals from around the nation. Come investigate the joined universe of, have a great time pass, meet new individuals, make new companions and get date or love. Find people with the same interests as you and interact with them for as long as you like using Malaysian and Singapore Peoples.

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Friday, 9 September 2016

Online Kids Chat Room

Newly built chatting platforms have totally made kids video chat free, with just internet connection you can connect with your friends, family and relatives across the countries. These chat rooms have certainly increased the communication medium all over the world. With a blink of just click the message is received by person to whom you sent it. These online platforms have made video chat services very comfortable too, live conversation are placed within these chat rooms.

Kids these days are swift learners and have accustomed themselves with this online modern world. They are the next-generation with Smartphone’s and notebooks, wherever they go carry these gadgets. Always online today’s generation uses these chat rooms to get in touch with their school friends. Make group of their fast friends, plan their meeting there, poke them with funny smileys, share jokes and funny pictures online. Even there are facilities of multiple languages these days so for those who prefer their own locality, these rooms provide prefect environment with similar hobbies kids to interact directly.


Internet these days are full of malicious and fraudulent users all over the world. It is the chatting site responsibility to provide a safe environment for kids to chat safely among themselves. There must be strict rules that everyone should adhere to and follow guidelines to avoid any personal damage. Sharing real information directly is not recommended. Private chat rooms are there to give personal message to your good friends. Kid’s personal profiles are online and some of their information is shared there. It is highly required that sites to have extra security to avoid any collateral damage.

Aahachat is highly secured and proficient site which has lively Kids chat room where a lot of newbie’s come to enjoy their time via internet. Full of entertaining activities it is the new talk of the town these days. Share messages, images and videos with new loving friends in these new modern chat rooms now.

In this modern age of computers Internet is full of Social networking, online gaming and virtual communities where users share communication via Emails, chatting, messaging and video chat rooms. Entertainment and fun activities online are widespread these days. Good chatting rooms are of full enthusiastic and curious young ones enjoying the messages, making fun along with passing time. Now there are mobile apps for using chat room directly in the hand for 24 hours communication which are more popular among the new-age kids.

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Monday, 5 September 2016


Online chat services are one of the most creative forms of communication these days with young generation enthusiastically using these internet services.  Smartphone revolution has also contributed to these ongoing trends. With now mobile application available chatting and messaging with friends is too easy. Aaha Chat is one complete online platform with website and mobile application services. They have specific rooms with particular language like Kerala chat, Tamil Chat, Kids Chat, Teen Chat and general Chat rooms etc. 

These Kerala chat online rooms are the talk of the major cities in across Ernakulum, Thrissur, Cochin, Kannur, Alappuzha, Kochi, Kozhikode, Kollam, Palakkad and many more. A lot of youngsters use our chat services to converse with their friends, family and relatives from other countries like US, UK, Australia and many more. Students who are studying in foreign universities also frequently use these chat rooms for texting to their respective known persons in their private chat rooms.  


Our Kerala chat modules are easy to use, chat and user friendly with many features. You need to have complete registration with your mail to use all features of Aaha Chat. One can also login via Facebook and invite their friends directly from there only. 

In our chat modules one can easily share their images, videos and audios messages among friends. Look out for new amazing girls and boys in Kerala Chat rooms who come to enjoy in these chat rooms. Private rooms are there for chatting between two friends only. Meet the right partner for your life in this chat rooms and fill-in the exact details of your profile. Learn all the chat abbreviation and become a smart online user.

Aahachat online chat platform is built on latest web technologies and you don’t need to download any extra installation. These online rooms are directly available on your browsers with just flash support. Learn all the chat abbreviation and become a smart online user. There is also special feature of FM radio where you tune in to latest songs being played in the listings across Kerala. One can also send-in request form with song-artist, title, name and email. Aahachat rooms are clean safeguarded and protected against any malicious activity with safe chat rules.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Many Advantages OF Using Online Chat Platforms

With new modern advancement in Internet services many things got introduced in this digital world. Messaging, chatting, video chats, Video Messages, Billing, Shopping (E-Commerce) and in-numerous software’s, POS (Point of Sale) systems that have revolutionized the development with ease. New generations look for unique and peculiar ways for improving their online presence these days. Commenting, forum posting and posting on social media is among the latest trend these days with chatting emerging as the premier option among all activities.

There are number of benefits of using online chat services with steady increase in the number of internet users over the last decade. Below are the core advantages that online chat platforms provide with easy access too.

1. New modern Age Communication

Chatting now acts as both old fashioned messaging and video conversations among millions of people online around the world. Video chat gives extra benefits of visualizing the screen from other person perspective too. As the number users for mobile apps, Smartphone have increased but the method for communication has remained the same.

2. Meet New amazing and interesting people

Find new crazy people with similar interests, culture, hobbies living near you and make lifelong memories to enhance life more in this busy world environment. These online people & communities living in other countries growing together online have started new trends that are now dominating the modern societies.

3. Create your own Professional Network

Profession is what makes you build your personal character. These online services give you the opportunity to enhance your professional network. Meet people form world popular organizations, chat with them, friend them and create groups, communities to enhance your network online now.

4. Regional Assistance

Now chat rooms come with regional benefits of multiple language options too so users can easily engage in their native language. People from all walks of life and languages use these services to their likings. Native people around the world like their own languages and more often they talk in their languages only.
Aahachat is one of the most established online chat platforms with comprehensive services. Here one can join chat as free services as well as registered user. Our Chat rooms are based on languages, people and ethnicity as well as age group for teenagers where they can enjoy the chat and make new friends altogether. All services are free with complete safety from harmful and malicious activities. Tamil Chat, Kerala Chat, General Chat Room, Teen room, Kids room, Malayalam chat and Mobile chat room are the different chat room options that are available.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Tamil Video Chat Room

Tamil Voice, Video and Webcam Chat Rooms connecting tamil peoples all over the world. Here you can chat in tamil and chat in malayalam. Peoples can find their partner easily by using our chat rooms. Join now and meet new friends around all over the world. Ahaa chat is becoming the part of tamil online networking friends website. Aaha Tamil Chat rooms connects peoples easily without any cost payment or without any registration. Aaha chat connects peoples from Malaysia, Singapore, India, Dubai, UAE and many other countries. We will guarantee the user that they can find a best friend for their real life by using our chat rooms.

Once a user join our website means they can interact with new friends and new kind of peoples, here we have the different kind of chat rooms for different kind of peoples like kerala, malayalam, tamil and video webcam chat rooms. Friends can meet in real life by using our chat rooms. Safety tips have to be followed by each and every users who are using our chat rooms. In previous update explained that How to use Video and Audio in Aaha Chat Rooms. By using this instructions user can easily learn the way of using aaha chat rooms.

The way of using our chat rooms are very difficult with compare the hi2world tamil unity chat room. The list of tamil chat rooms that are accessed by different kind of peoples. Kings tamil chat rooms mainly used by peoples from Paris and India. Aaha is one of the no1 tamil chat room to all kind of peoples and friends around the world. kalapam eelam idhayam tamil chat rooms are the popularly known tamil chat rooms. vaanavil mainly used by peoples from malaysia and singapore. CC Kerala Chat Rooms are accessed by malayalam talking peoples living all over the world.

Why join Aaha Tamil Chat Room?

Allows you to contact users from all around the world or right next to you. Here you gets the chance to look and connect with single Indians. It is helpful and suited for a person who is looking for friendship, love, romance and even marriage. There are thousands of people who have registered. It is next to impossible for a user to fail to meet another user who has the same interests. This makes it a good place to make Indian friends. It is available all day and and all time a member can log in at any time. easy to meet people and a user can find friends to connect with. This has been made more effective by the fact that a person can access a member’s profile. A member can see a user profile to know more about an individual friends in our network. If the profile is impressive a registered user can get in touch with the member and start dating and keep in touch with him or her.

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